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The Top 3 Poker Coaching Methods That Work

In the current poker climate, games are tough, and strategy is evolving. There are lots of players who would break-even today who would have crushed games just a few years ago. That is why many poker players turn to poker coaches for support. They realise that little tweaks to their game can have a significant impact on their long-term profitability. But what are the most effective coaching methods to try? We share the top 3 in this post.

1] Poker Courses

Taking a course is a popular way of improving knowledge in a specific area. This is true for most interests and rings true for poker too. Texas Hold’em Questions, a UK poker coaching website offer ones in continuation betting and bluffing.

Courses are effective as they usually come with quizzes. That means a student cannot pass the course unless they meet the grade required. So, it’s impossible to master a concept without taking the course and passing it properly.

2] 1 To 1 Coaching Calls

Coaching by calls is probably the most common method of poker training. It works because a student gets unique attention from the coach. A student can ask questions and get direct feedback specific to them. As such, a player can get immense value in a short amount of time.

For this reason, a poker coach will charge $100 + per hour. They recognize that the student is getting fantastic value and so they charge a decent hourly rate to compensate them. Remember, most tips a coach will provide will have taken years and hundreds of thousands of hands before they mastered it.

3] Study Groups

Lastly, study groups have proved to be a great way to improve poker skills. It relies on input from all members and the opportunity for people to question and answer without mocking or ridicule. It works well because players are open-minded and on the same page. Everyone is trying to develop and hone their own game.

The best thing about joining a study group is that they are cheaper than other coaching methods. A coach can charge less for their involvement as there are more people attending. So, instead of charging $150 for an hour, they can charge $30 per person as there are 5 or more students in attendance.

Is Poker Coaching Worth it?

Now you know the top 3 coaching methods you probably want to know whether it is worth it. Poker coaching is not for everyone. It’s only worthwhile if you play regularly and are committed to improving your game. You can’t be lazy with it or you won’t get the maximum value. A coach can’t force you to play well. So, we only recommend coaching for people who have a decent budget, ample time, and a willingness to learn. If you’re keen to enhance your poker skills, we recommend you take a course to start with and go from there. If you enjoy it, you can consider an alternative coaching method after.

Image Source: Pixabay