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More fun Games to find at Casino Online

So many fun games there are to be found at Online Casino 2021. Here we thought we would briefly go through which are the most common games you will find at the Casinos out there, and give you some quick tips. Our Quick Guide to Casino Online!

Video Slots & Slot Machines

As early as the 19th century, slot machines were a popular medium for entertainment and a common sight at gaming arcades and at land-based casinos. Players all over the world cherish the excitement and the well-known clinking sounds that slot machines make. It is no wonder that slots began a really breathtaking journey in the gaming market, which has continued to this day. While in the past there were only a handful of different slots, today's players can choose from literally hundreds of different models; all with different game modes and/or themes. With the introduction of the internet, it was only a matter of time before slots migrated from brick and mortar casinos into the digital market.

High Voltage Level

One reason for the great attraction to slots is their simple functionality while maintaining a high level of excitement at all times. Most slots are based on a rolling system and require a monetary bet to be released in the "coin toss". The scrolling system can be equipped with numbers and symbols. The player's coin bet activates the reels which will hopefully stay in a constellation that multiplies his original bet. You can also form a diagonal and/or horizontal combination of three identical symbols displayed on the slot machine. The amount of the win depends on the different symbol combinations obtained, which delivers an additional layer of excitement.

Slots Game Tips!

Due to the large selection of slot machines, we recommend beginners to start with a relatively simple system with limited combinations. This is to get acquainted with the slot machine's functions and at the same time get the most fun you can out of your gaming.

The story behind the modern Slot Machine

The slot machine is believed to have been invented between 1887 and 1895. Two men named Sittman and Pitt - who at the time lived in Brooklyn, New York, developed what many believe was the first functional slot machine in 1891. According to many people, Sittman and Pitt's slot machine is the real forerunner to the modern slot machine we know today.

Slot Machines now and then

As slot machines moved from dark bars and smoke-filled casinos to our computer screens, they not only became more accessible but also made it much easier for game developers to develop new games. Before the Internet and the digital age, slots developers had some limitations. We are talking simple 2D graphics simple symbols, a smaller number of pay lines, and 3-reels. When slot machines began to appear in digital form on the web, a game developer was able to create games in 3D with HD quality, animations, and endless payouts.